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MA in Psychology, Ana Miletić

Ana Miletić

My name is Ana Miletić. I graduated in Psychology and I am close to completing my postgraduate professional training in Gestalt psychotherapy, under the license of the German IGW Institute (IGW Center Zagreb).
I studied at the Department of Psychology, at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, and have completed the program of professional training in human resources management.
I am additionally educated in the area of youth reproductive health prevention and drama approach to group work.

As a student, I have focused on counseling work with people through the selection of Counseling and Crisis Intervention elective courses. In the last year of the studies, I have volunteered at the Student Counseling Center and worked with the learning support groups and individually with the students who experienced difficulties during the studies. I have taken a professional path towards the organizational psychology, where I lead projects through which I help the organizations in better communication, motivation, and employee development, and provide education for employees in communication and organizational skills. I continued with the counseling work as a part of the association “You are the sun”, where I have conducted individual psychotherapy with people who want to work on painful topics, successfully overcome the life crises and work on personal growth and development.

I am a member of the Croatian Psychological Chamber, Gestalt and the Integrative Psychotherapists Society of Croatia.