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Self-confidence - what is it and how to strengthen it?

Every day we hear or use concepts like self-esteem, self-respect, self-efficacy. All of them relate to an image of our own value that stems from how much we are accepted, i.e. the attitudes of other people about us, and how we evaluate our own resources: abilities, knowledge, skills. Likewise, at some point in life, we were all faced with questioning our abilities, or in a specific situation, we had a feeling that we did not match the challenge...

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papirnati superman

Inner dragons and how to deal with them?

Is a feeling of having a fiery ball inside your stomach that spreads tension all over your body well-known to you? Or is a feeling of chest pressure accompanied by strong heart palpitations even more familiar? Some of you might have experienced rage that lasted for days, and which rage you cannot control, but it only spills over and leaves you helpless. All those experiences are possible signs that a dragon in you has awakened...

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